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Czech Glass 12mm faceted FirePolish round beads Teal Green/Blue Iris Rainbow 8pc


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These dazzling 12mm rounds are a wonderful transparent 2 tonedTeal Green/Blue Iris Rainbow finish.
a wonderful compliment for your designs.
Made in the Czech Republic in an area called Jablonec nad Nisou, where small cottage industry have been making beautiful fire polish beads for hundreds of years,
Their techniques and tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Czech fire polished beads are first machine faceted then 'polished', glazed in Red Hot Ovens which cause a highly reflective brilliance, they come in many dramatic colors with stunning effects and finishes which makes them incredibly popular.
Those who have used them, know the value of designing with quality Czech fire polished beads.

Colors can vary slightly between batches and slight imperfections are to be expected, these only add to the allure of these treasured beads.

Size: 12mm Fire polish faceted round

Material: Fire Polished Glass

Color and effects: Teal Green/Blue Iris

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