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Thor's Hammer solid Pewter Viking Amulet Pendant

Thor's Hammer solid Pewter Viking Amulet Pendant

Silver Moon Brass Co

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The magical hammer of the great Norse god Thor, his hammer gave Thor the power to tame the elements. Unlike the grim and aristocratic Odin, Thor was a god of the people, and a friend of landowner and peasant alike. Thor was patron of justice, his oath-ring could seal any contract, the Althing assembly of Iceland was opened on Thor's day (Thursday), and the judge's gavel or auctioneer's hammer undoubtedly owes its origin to the hammer symbol of Thor's might and authority.

Thor was seen as a protector, defending the old order of the heathen landowners and petty nobles from the predations of the land-grabbing, power-hungry and zealously Christian Kings of Norway. Wearing the sign of the hammer, then, was not just a symbol of one's trust in Thor, it was also an instrument of his protection. (Excerpt from Dan Bray, Sydney University).

This piece has fabulous detail, and is made with high quality pewter which has been oxidized, then polished to a bright ‘silver’ color with emphasis on showing the definition of the design.